Moments Spark Movements

I’m a big believer in divine moments; you know, these quick snapshots in our lives that have greater long-lasting impact and define who we are and our future much more than all the rest. As you read Scripture, many of the main narratives in books like Genesis, Exodus, 1/2 Samuel and Acts are chronicles of divine moments for Abraham, Joseph, …

Being Faithful Really Matters to God

Published by Wes Martin One of the clearest ways we prove our spiritual maturity and Christian walk is in the place of being faithful in the little things of life when no one is looking. It is critical that in every phase or what many call a “season” of our life we identify what the Lord has given to us …

Impacting Others for Christ

As a Christian, I often have the question of am I making a significant impact on others looming around in my mind. Do I impact others for Christ? Am I letting the light of what God has deposited in me shine forth to others? I believe these are good questions to have. I’m not claiming I have all of the …

3 Elements of a Movement

Every generation of the church has one of two destinations: monument or movement. The odds are, only a few generations from now, most of the churches that exist and are planted this year will be gone. When that happens, what will be left behind to show for all the physical, emotional and spiritual blood, sweat and tears? What will people …
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Wes Martin – Conference Host / Grace Church STL

Saint City Conference host and serves on the pastoral team at Grace Church since 2016. Previously served as a Sr. Leader at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City for 12 years traveling, speaking and encouraging young people in the love of God. Wes and his wife Amanda have 4 young children.
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Noah Oldham – Conference Host / August Gate

At the age of 18 God called me to spend my life ‘telling about Jesus’. Since then I have fully given myself to preaching and pursuing God’s call in different aspects of Gospel ministry. Currently, I am the lead and planting pastor of August Gate Church, a church plant in St Louis city. I also serve as the Send City …
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Curtis Gilbert – The Journey

After spending many years as a youth and young adult pastor, Curtis now serves as one of the Lead Pastors of The Journey Church. His drive and passion is to see young adults find their identity and delight in Jesus. Curtis has been married to his beautiful wife, Shelly, for 11 years and have 2 young sons.
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Marc Sikma – Matthias Lot

Marc Sikma is the pastor of Matthias’ lot church in St. Charles. Marc, his wife Heidi of 15 years, and 2 other couples started the church in 2005. Marc and Heidi have 3 children: Avery(10), Dawson(7), and Maddox(6). with an unorthodox approach to ministry, he is incredibly passionate about disciple making. in the summer of 2010, he authored a discipleship …
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Ron Tucker – Grace Church STL

Ron Tucker is the founding pastor of Grace Church. He started in ministry leading a small group of college and high school students in his home. In the 70s he served as a youth pastor at an area church before starting Grace Church in 1978. He is married, has two adult children and twin grandsons.
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John Mark McMillan – Concert Tour

“I think it all started for me that year I couldn’t sleep and almost lost my mind.” In the fall of 2001, singer/songwriter John Mark McMillan sat out on his porch for hours each night, sometimes with a buddy, sometimes with a few, but mostly with God, and the precarious rhythms of late night traffic. “I had nowhere to go,” …